Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Fail: The Edge and the Light by Queenie Chan

Title: Legend of Zelda: The Edge and the Light
Author: Queenie Chan
Rating: *
ISBN: 9781310342622
Genre: Fan Fiction - Fantasy - Graphic Novel
Source: Apple App Store - Free Book

Summary: From Goodreads: "The once-bountiful kingdom of Hyrule is in a crisis. It has been plagued by poor harvests, natural disasters, and now a missing Princess Zelda - Queen Regent to the throne. Into the fray wanders Link, a former champion of Hyrule who vanished over 10 years ago under mysterious circumstances he refuses to speak of. Just what is the cause of all this unrest? Find out in this illustrated prose story!"

Thoughts: I almost NEVER don't finish a book, but I couldn't bring myself to finish this one. The writing was too strange, beyond mixing chunks of text with more graphic novel style sections. But when the author changed tenses for a section from third person to third person (without reason), I gave up. I'm sad because I love the Legend of Zelda games, and I was even willing to try to see the characters through the slant she was using, but I just couldn't stick through all of that plus poor writing. Maybe I'm just too big of a fan of the games.

And I just read the summary while writing this up. Maybe the way that was written should have given me some hints...

What prevents you from finishing a book?

- Faye

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