Rating System

The one problem I have always had with book and film blogs is that everyone has their own system for reviewing. Since I think that lie is complicated enough, I have decided to adopt Goodreads' review system. That way, I don't have to translate anything across the two platforms that I use the most. For those less familiar with Goodreads, here is there basic review system:

* - I did not like it. (Either I didn't finish it or it tragically disappointed me.)
** - It was okay. (I didn't hate it, but there wasn't anything special about it, either.)
*** - I liked it. (It was enjoyable, but I probably won't be returning to it any time soon.)
**** - I really liked it. (It was a very enjoyable read, but was still flawed somehow.)
***** - It was awesome. (A new favorite, I have few to no complaints about it.)